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Regents Lectureships

Recent Regents' Lecturers


Michael Apted

Diane Gamboa
Black Studies


Joe Marks
Computer Science and Media Arts Technology

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Writing Program


Ama Ata Aidoo
Theater and Dance

Annie Leonard
Film and Media Studies

Regents' Lectureships


The Regents’ Lecturer program of the University of California was instituted in 1962 to encourage rare and valuable interaction between gifted non-academics and the university community. Since then the program has continued to provide campus residencies in sponsoring departments for people with distinguished achievement in the arts, sciences, humanities, business, politics and international affairs.

During their residencies at UCSB, Regents’ Lecturers typically present one or two public events, work directly with students by teaching classes, seminars or workshops and maintain office hours for consultation with faculty and students. Collaboration among several campus departments or programs strengthens a nomination and enhances both the contribution the lecturer will make to the campus community and their experience as a visitor.


What is the nomination process?

Print out the application (pdf) from this website when it is available, and call the candidate to inquire about his or her interest and availability. Submit completed application with all necessary supporting documents (see application for details) by date to be announced for the upcoming academic year. Nominations are received once a year.

Please submit all materials to Roman Baratiak, Associate Director, UCSB Arts & Lectures, roman.baratiak@sa.ucsb.edu

What are the review criteria for candidates?

Your candidate should be a person:

  • whose career has been substantially outside the academy
  • who possesses genuine distinction
  • who is an effective communicator
  • who has breadth of appeal
  • who will enrich the cultural and intellectual life of the campus
  • whose visit bears a connection to course offerings
  • whose visit promises long-term benefits to the campus

Your application should show evidence of multidisciplinary interest in the nominee.

Your application should be complete and convincing.

Your application should mention any related events (such as symposia, exhibitions and performances) that are planned to coincide with the nominee’s residency.

Please note: The review committee strives to ensure an equitable distribution of Regents’ Lectureships among academic departments.

How are Regents’ Lecturers compensated? What is the length of stay?

Regents’ Lecturers are appointed for a period of two to three days and receive stipends ranging from $4,500 to $9,100 depending on length of stay, activities, cost of travel and other factors. Those planning to make nominations are encouraged to consult with Arts & Lectures regarding appropriate stipend levels. The nominating department specifies the proposed stipend amount on the nomination. Stipends are paid at the end of the appointment.

Who pays expenses?

Lecturers are expected to pay all their own travel costs, local transportation, housing and other living expenses while in Santa Barbara. Departments are free to raise funds to assist with these expenses.

What about taxes?

Their fees are subject to all Federal and California state tax laws. (Foreign nationals may be exempt if a reciprocal tax agreement exists between their country and the U.S.)

How many appointments are usually made?

Current budget levels permit the appointment of three Regents’ Lecturers each year.

Who selects?

A committee of faculty review nomination packets and recommend appointments which must be approved by the Chancellor on behalf of the Board of Regents. Nominating departments are notified by memo regarding the outcome within one week following the committee meeting.

And then what?

Once an appointment has been made, the sponsoring department must perform these functions:

  • Contact Arts & Lectures as soon as possible with the exact dates of the visit and the titles and descriptions of the public events to be presented.
  • Locate housing and assist in booking transportation, although the cost of both is paid by the lecturer.
  • Provide office space and a telephone, and notify Arts & Lectures of the location and scheduling of office hours.
  • Prior to and during the residency, coordinate the lecturer’s on-campus schedule.
  • Within two weeks following the visit, complete and return to Arts & Lectures the Regents’ Lecturer Evaluation Form.


Arts & Lectures administers the Regents’ Lecturer program for the UCSB campus. A&L provides these services for each lecturer’s visit:

  • Schedules and organizes the lecturer’s one or two main public events.
  • Promotes these public events by producing flyers, press releases, public service announcements, advertisements and by arranging local publicity.
  • Provides house management and all lecture set-up and arrangements.
  • Arranges the correct visa status for all foreign nationals.
  • Completes all University forms for tax withholding, citzenship status and payment.
  • Pays the lecturer at the conclusion of the residency.
  • Assists the host department as needed.

Regents’ Professorship Program

A Regents’ Professorship is a singular honor accorded only to nominees of the utmost prestige. Such an appointment is highly regarded and extremely rare. Regents’ Professors stay for one quarter and are compensated with a variable stipend that corresponds with the salary of Professor, Step VII. At present there are insufficient funds available to appoint Regents’ Professors. Should the budget situation improve, departments will be notified.

For more information:

Please contact Roman Baratiak at UCSB Arts & Lectures
Phone: 805.893.2078
Fax: 805.893.8637

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