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Santa Barbara Independent

June 14, 2018
UCSB Arts & Lectures 2018-19 Season Announced: 60th Anniversary Year Promises to Be Exciting

Every year at this time, UCSB publishes a beautifully illustrated catalog of the world’s most interesting contemporary performances and lectures. This splendid document More...

Santa Barbara News-Press

June 17, 2018

Bourdain makes for a bittersweet Arts & Lectures close

Santa Barbara News-Press

June 9, 2018

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain dead of suicide at 61

Voice Magazine

May 25, 2018
Santa Barbara's Culinary All-Stars and Anthony Bourdain

Anticipation mounted as UCSB Arts & Lectures supporters gathered for the benefit gala, this time at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. More...


May 18, 2018
Are you ageist? Probably

There’s a lot of talk about sexism and racism in the news, but how often do you hear about discrimination based on a person’s age? According to author and activist Ashton Applewhite, ageism is one of the last socially acceptable prejudices. Listen to this episode...

Santa Barbara Independent

May 18, 2018
Arts & Lectures Hosts Gala with Anthony Bourdain

On May 9, about 300 supporters of UCSB Arts & Lectures (A&L) enjoyed a swanky affair featuring food personality, author, and raconteur Anthony Bourdain on the scenic grounds of the S.B Historical Museum. The event’s theme was celebrating Santa Barbara, More...


May 5, 2018
UCSB Arts & Lectures Cooks Up an Evening with Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain

An intimate crowd savors dinner created by local chefs before devouring practical advice and other morsels dished out by the renowned raconteur More...

Los Angeles Times

April 30, 2018
Jennifer Koh and the 'Shared Madness' of coming between a violinist and her violin

The hills are again green. However much the town remains traumatized by devastating fires and mudslides, Santa Barbara looks like Santa Barbara. You would never mistake its manicured beauty as being a distant sixth New York City borough. But it sort of felt that way Friday night in St. Anthony Chapel. More...

Santa Barbara News-Press

April 5, 2018
Healthy Head Start

"For individuals who had four or more adverse childhood experiences, the risk of heart disease and cancer was doubled," Dr. Burke Harris told the News-Press. More...

Los Angeles Times

April 5, 2018
Kathleen Battle, Julia Bullock and the Saga of Opera Singers of Color

She is a complete, empowered singer who has been able to take advantage of all who have struggled before her and to remind us of what the struggle has meant. Her recital was on some levels autobiographical. It was also very much about the empowerment of women, whether in songs by Schubert or Nina Simone. More...

Los Angeles Times

March 20, 2018
In praise of Musical Tourism: Huayin Shadow Puppet Band and Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

This was a wackily, joyously raucous band unlike any I have ever encountered from any part of the world. One of the performers, Zhang Quansi, played a bench, and not just any bench; he insisted on traveling with a ratty old wooden one from his living room. More...


March 16, 2018

Blues Sage and Guy Next Door

Santa Barbara Independent

March 14, 2018
Wu Man and the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band Delivered One Surprising Moment After Another: Uproarious Night of Traditional Chinese Folk Music

If you measure the heat of a band by the freshness of its sound, then the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band is hotter than the latest indie-rock sensation, even though its music is centuries old. More...

Santa Barbara Independent

March 14, 2018
CND's 'Carmen' Is a Mind-Expanding Work of Art

With Johan Inger's Carmen, the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND) de España has taken a step beyond — it's the biggest, boldest contemporary ballet not just of our season but possibly of the decade. More...

Pacific Standard

March 5, 2018
Why We Engage in Tribalism, Nationalism, and Scapegoating

Robert Sapolsky reveals the biological basis for our most unfortunate traits — and insists change is possible. More...


February 26, 2018
Astronaut Who Flew Space Shuttle, Commanded International Space Station, To Speak On South Coast

He's piloted one of the space shuttles. He's commanded the International Space station. Astronaut Terry Virts is visiting the South Coast and will show some of his incredible photographs he took from space. More...

Santa Barbara News-Press

February 25, 2018
Astronaut takes more photos of Earth than anyone else

Terry Virts thought 'wow' as he snapped photos of Earth. He was so captivated that he shot more than 319,000 pictures of the world. More...


February 23, 2018
Danish Splendor, in the Form of a Fabulous Foursome

It was back in 2004, at Hahn Hall, that we music-loving Santa Barbarans first fell in love with the entity known as the Danish String Quartet, a young, dynamic, slightly mischievous and thoroughly musical foursome More...

KCRW's The 805

February 16, 2018

The human toll of evictions

Pacific Standard

February 15, 2018
Sarah Jones' Theater of Resistance

The campus theater is small, austere, and eerily still. The capacity audience sits in silence, their eyes closed, as Sarah Jones leads an exercise in guided meditation. Imagine, she says, an ancestor of yours at the moment he or she arrived in America. More...


February 13, 2018
Researcher Speaking On South Coast Says Internet Searches Key Tool In Finding What People Think

A researcher who’s speaking on the South Coast says a lot of what we know today about people, and sensitive subjects like racism, sexual preference, and abortion may be wrong, because people lie about these subjects. More...


February 9, 2018
Organist Goes Big, Goes Digital

Organist Cameron Carpenter, the undisputed master and mohawk-donning maverick-showman, is an artist of many monikers. More...

Santa Barbara Independent

February 8, 2018
Cameron Carpenter Takes the Organ to New Levels of Sonic Performance

Whether having a conversation with him or listening to his music, communicating with Cameron Carpenter feels like taking a light-speed, mind’s-eye tour of the universe. More...

Montecito Journal

October 26, 2017

Arts & Lectures Opening

Santa Barbara Independent

October 14, 2017

Schmoozing with Bill Murray and Jan Vogler

Santa Barbara Independent

October 9, 2017

Ira Glass Shares Secrets of Excellent Radio Reporting

Santa Barbara Independent

June 16, 2017
Arts & Lectures Reveals Season’s Events at Donor Party

Santa Barbara Independent

June 14, 2017

UCSB Arts & Lectures Announces 2017-18 Season

Santa Barbara Independent

May 16, 2017

Brooklyn Rider at UCSB

Santa Barbara Independent

May 11, 2017

Mingling with Writers Elizabeth Gilbert and Pico Iyer

Santa Barbara Independent

May 11, 2017

Old Crow Medicine Show at the Granada

Santa Barbara Independent

May 10, 2017

David Sedaris Mines Tragicomic Gold at Arlington

Santa Barbara Independent

May 9, 2017

Dining with Yo-Yo Ma

Santa Barbara News-Press

May 7, 2017

Reading Between the Lines


May 7, 2017

Super Trio, with Bach on the Brain

Santa Barbara Independent

May 5, 2017

Brooklyn meets Iran, on Musical Turf

Santa Barbara News-Press

April 30, 2017

Fairy Dust

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